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exchange importMahyar value to the foreign exchange process by providing clients with a banking alternative. Clients aren’t obligated to convert their funds with their own financial institution. Those in the exporting business tend to convert their foreign currency revenues as needed to pay Canadian dollar expenses at month end. They may also hedge future revenue streams using open or fixed-dated forward contracts.

We work hard to streamline the exchange process, and offer a same day delivery/pick-up service. If you’re going to be in the market, inform your account manager, and he or she can monitor the market for you.

In case you’d like to place a day-time or over-night order, you can keep up to date with the foreign exchange markets by subscribing to the Currency Exchange (Mahyar) Foreign Exchange Daily Update.  Each morning, you will be emailed the update consisting of a recap of the over-night trading range, economic data releases, technical support and resistance points, and an economic calendar of upcoming events.