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Whether clients are new immigrants from Asia, or C.A. citizens purchasing an investment property, the exchange rates we offer allow for significant savings.

We offer two recommendations:

  1. The client can set up both a USD and a CAD account at their Canadian bank. Once the USD funds have been wired from the U.S. bank into the USD account at the Canadian bank, they can withdraw the funds in the form of a bank draft made payable to The Currency Exchange (Mahyar). The client can contact the Mahyar trading desk and place a trade.
  2. The client can instruct their U.S. bank to wire USD funds directly to Mahyar. Typically, funds are received within one or two business days. Once the funds are received, a Mahyar trader contacts the client and arranges the conversion.

For Canadians looking to purchase property abroad, or foreigners selling Canadian property, Mahyar can assist in large volume foreign exchange.  Once the exchange is made, Mahyar can also wire transfer funds abroad.